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Our Work

Welcome to our portfolio of visual narratives. Each piece you’re about to experience is a testament to our dedication, craftsmanship, and passion for storytelling. From the first frame to the last, we prioritize our clients’ vision, marrying it with our expertise in cinematography and editing. Our aim is to captivate, to resonate, and to leave an unforgettable impression. Dive in, and see for yourself how we bring stories to life.

Dish Network in Orlando

Event Highlight Video reel for DISH Network

Microsoft Sales Event at Harley Davidson

Event Highlight Video for Microsoft at Harley Davidson

About the Brewmaster

About the Brewmaster at Crooked Can Brewery

Novartis Franchise Meeting

4 Day Event Highlight Video for Novartis in California

Bananagrams Game Commercial

A vibrant fun commercial showing the game "Banagrams"

Graphic Animation Explainer Video

Showing how "The ChangeGiving App" works through a "How To" animated clip. 

4D Interactive Video

4D Interactive Video for Novartis. 4 Screens with choregraphed dancers dancing in sync with the content. We created the imagery and synced all screens together for this amazing presentation for the Franchise Kick-Off

CEO Interview for On-Call Training Solutions

CEO Tony Renta tells us what OCTS is about. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes highlight for an event production company. How the magic is captured.

LiveTrends B2C Video

LIVETRENDS explainer video about who they are, showing how 3 business in one is so powerful.

Graphic Animation DEMO

the diverse collection of graphic animation and design we have done 

BBRAUN Recap Video

An event highlight video done for BBRAUN's 3 day sales event.

More Projects


Matthews Steakhouse

Matthews Steakhouse

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Glass Blowing - Roberto Beltrami

Glass Blowing - Roberto Beltrami

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Vitality Bowls Location Shoot

Vitality Bowls Location Shoot

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